Hard Drive Destruction

Can you really afford to lose your customers’ trust?

It costs less to destroy hard drives with Citadel.

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Safeguard Your Business With Secure Hard Drive Destruction


If your old, outdated hard drives are collecting more dust than data these days, they can still leave you vulnerable to a dangerous data breach.

Your first line of defense is secure hard drive destruction.

Citadel safely destroys and disposes of old hard drives, protecting confidential information and safeguarding you and your customers from serious risk. 



Why It’s Smart to Destroy Old Hard Drives


When data gets into the wrong hands, it can ruin credibility. By protecting your data, you’re protecting your reputation and your revenue.

Hard Drive Destruction is a risk-free alternative to erasing, stockpiling or degaussing.

Citadel’s physical destruction services ensure every last bit of information is unrecoverable.

You’ll receive a detailed Certificate of Destruction for your records.

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