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We started back in 2016, and ever since then we’ve been building our success on IT services that keep businesses safe and set them apart. 

About Us

Stacked IT Services Backed By a Solid Reputation

If you ask one of our clients, they’ll tell you themselves: Citadel’s IT services integrate innovation and integrity. From our collaborative, comprehensive approach to IT strategy to our 24/7 stellar support, we cover the entire spectrum of IT services, and we do it with your one-of-a-kind organizational roadmap in mind. 

Let us take the front seat as you explore what’s possible for your unique IT ecosystem. We can offer you everything from strategic and budgetary guidance to hardware discounts, firewall management and maintenance, quarterly network health reviews and much, much more. 

And we’re doing it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can get back to business. 



Managed Security & Compliance

24/7 Network Monitoring

IT Budget Strategy

Quarterly Business Review

Custom Virtual CIO Services


Why Choose Citadel?

Our process is simple, our costs are predictable and we’ll leave your organization technologically empowered, safeguarded and savvier than ever before. Our experienced team of IT experts are entrepreneurs at the core, offering you dependable technological solutions, customized consulting services and support that never sleeps. 

Citadel support is fast and friendly, our network protection sits at the highest level of security, and our customers are consistently satisfied. 

Need one more reason why you should choose us? We take the painstaking part out of project management and make working with us easy. 

At the heart of it all, we’re helpers. 


Predictable Costs

Skip the sketchy transactions and stop your monthly IT expenses from fluctuating with our guaranteed monthly rates.

A Simplified Process

Remove the minutia associated with today’s most taxing IT tasks, so your organization can operate more efficiently.

Empowered Employees

Increase efficiency, productivity, and morale among your staff by offloading IT maintenance.

Experienced & Certified Consulting

Get expert help on time and within budget, whether your business is just growing or  already giant.

Hardware Discounts

Tap into our exclusive buying power so we can pass device discounts directly to you.

Dependable Technology Solutions

If your technology isn’t working for you then it isn’t working, period.

Fast, Attentive Response

Ever vigilant, our monitors ensure if an issue does arise, you’re notified quickly.

The Highest Level of Network Protection

Keep your technology Citadel-secure with firewall management, active maintenance and quarterly network health reviews.

Consistently Satisfied Customers

Citadel has one of the highest levels of satisfaction among client ownership and their employees.

Superior Project Management

We’re here and handy to oversee software development, hardware installations, upgrades, data management and more!

We’re Always Here To Help (Seriously, We Don’t Sleep)


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